Erin Miller

So ready for spring or summer to show up... any day now please and thanks. Over all of this cold & gloomy weather! Anyone else?
#socal #lagunabeach #orangecounty #southerncalifornia #warmweather #springtime #summertime #ocean #nature #natgeo #natgeotravel #socaltravels #beachy #beachday #ig_masterpiece

Laguna Beach, California

So ready for spring or summer to show up... any day now please and thanks. Over all of this cold & gloomy weather! Anyone else? 
#socal #lagunabeach #orangecounty #southerncalifornia #warmweather #springtime #summertime #ocean #nature #natgeo #natgeotravel #socaltravels #beachy #beachday #ig_masterpiece




Beautiful! I would love to visit!


What a great and beautiful place to visit


What a beautiful place, love the scenic view


What a beautiful place to take a vacation! I absolutely love California.


Such a beautiful view, it's nice and sunny here now!


It's super rainy here. Yuck!


This would be such an amazing place


Omg this looks so beautiful and serene


This place is so heavenly! 😍


What a view. Can’t wait to hit the beach tomorrow


Gorgeous! Laguna Beach is where I learned to scuba dive πŸ‘πŸΌ


These pictures are gorgeous! I love california πŸ’“

This is such a beautiful beach view! Love ❀️


What a perfect place to visit


This is a beautiful view


Yes, please! I love the warm weather, such a beautiful set of photos makes me want to take a vacation ❀️


I love the cold weather but also look forward for some beautiful days if that makes sense


I've been dying to go visit SoCal!


What a gorgeous photo! I Love Laguna Beach. So pretty and a great place to scuba dive.


That looks so peaceful.


Wow! That is an amazing view! That water is soooo blue!


We have been having some great weather here in the UK which is weird. Feels like we have swapped.


I am so over the weather here in Chicago...but it went from freezing and rainy yesterday to about 80 and sunny today, so we might be on our way to summer!!


Such a great view beach looks awesome


It feels like summer here in NC today - 80's!


Beautiful Pictures


Wow!! Such breathtaking views!! Omg!


A beautiful view, I would love to enjoy a morning coffee there, or a run...even on the gloomy days.


I am so ready! I need sun and warmth! Although London has been pretty good lately!


Its been sunny here in my city for a while now, I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine soon.


Yes! I love summer too! Can't wait for the warm sea!


I would love to be there right now!


I live in Texas, so gloomy is rare, but I know how that feels in January ugh!!


can't wait for the beach!


Its hurricane season in Texas so I'd love to be anywhere else right now. This weekend last year was our big flood so I'm praying for sunny skies!


Wow that looks like such a beautiful view, would love to be there. Even a gloomy day there would be better than the wet Welsh weather we have here.


What beautiful, blue water!


Awesome! This is a breathtaking view.


I need to be on this beach right now 😍

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