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Photo by @ifyozoma // Yosemite nights. Heavily frequented parks like Yosemite can be difficult to enjoy during peak visitor season (basically now through September/October), but if you are planning on making your way out to them anyway, consider exploring at night! After 10pm, the crowds are few and the stars are many. Just make sure to bring along a red light headlamp so you don't blind any fellow stargazers. 😊 For more photos of our public lands, follow @ifyozoma.




Beautiful ❀


This is the magic of having no light pollution!




What a night 🌝




This is a beautiful shot! If you want, visit my profile. I'm an amateur photographer and I have some different passions πŸ˜ƒ


@yvonne.vh hahah definitely. No question.


Oh yess 😍. I definitely have to go back to stargaze


Love nightshots of the sky


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Wonderful shot 😍 I really liked your perspective. Keep up the great work friend.






These stars are amazing!


Natgeo keep doing this type of posts because I really wanna see this view in person some day so thanks for allowing me to see it right now. Good job, I like how you use technology to transmit your companies work


@nancimorais vale msm a pena querida


Nice post! Lovely place πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ


Nice shot

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