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I just returned from the amazing, Zakouma National Park in Chad, one of the many parks run by the groundbreaking conservation group African Parks in partnership with the Chadian government and the local communities. @africanparksnetwork

Black Rhinos are back - having “disappeared” from Chad due to poaching in 1972 but now 6 black rhinos have been successfully moved cross continent from South Africa to Zakouma. Here is Harry in his boma at night. All six rhinos are happy and healthy!
In this historic move to aid in the long-term survival of this endangered and heavily threatened species, six black rhinos are being reintroduced bringing this animal back to the country for the first time in over four decades. The translocation is an extraordinary cross-collaboration between the South African Department of Environmental Affairs, the Government of the Republic of Chad, as well as African Parks and South African National Park (SANParks). This is a hopeful story about the revival of a highly threatened species, as well as the trajectory of Zakouma - a park that was once ravaged by poaching and insecurity but has been transformed into a secure and flourishing park since 2010. This international conservation initiative is unprecedented and saw these black rhinos being flown over 3,000 miles to the well-protected Zakouma National Park, managed by African Parks since 2010 in partnership with the Government of Chad. overhauling law enforcement and working closely with the local communities to protect the park. Without the support of local communities this would not work. Local people are the anti-poaching patrols.

They have jobs in other parts of the park including tourism and management. This is truly a remarkable effort to repopulate and protect African Parks.

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Sooo clear


Major awesome 👍🏼💯


I’m not a great photographer but I have taken many night photos on many safaris in Africa. If I were good, this is what I would hope they would look like. Great picture!


@adlantian ah, i can see how you would take it that way...but that is an assumption as i ( and many others ) didn’t take it that way and if you look back in the comments he explains himself a bit...i just don’t think it’s fair to call someone out on a public post when there’s no obvious motivation behind his post 🤷🏼‍♀️


@adlantian People can perceive it that way sure. Doesn't excuse people for their behavior.


@mojemann The way it came off to me, and clearly many others is a condescending "gotcha" question, not a legitimate curiosity. At best, it was written without considering how his words would sound in contect.


@bks_lounge not a disgrace to know less and be willing to learn. It is a disgrace to write condescending "gotcha" posts about subjects he clearly does not understand.


Such an awesome photo!




Rhino back halves look a lot like their faces


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Real photography! Wow


Stunning photo!


Que hermoso!!!


That's what the world needs to be preserved the wildlife in all of their kinds to have a better world.


Thought it was the white rhino that went extinct?




When rhino want escape from natural reservation


this is a beautiful image, I like to make photo-shop art, and this image is defiantly not photo-shopped

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