Daniel Scully

Damn! That’s a lot of Krave. It used to annoy me that @kellogs_official only seemed to have very small 375g boxes of Krave - ordered what I thought was a slightly bigger one, only to be greeted by this behemoth! That should last me 3 instead of 2 Days now. 🤤 There you go, a very dull insight into my cereal-heavy lifestyle. #kelloggs #cereal #badhabits #krave #cerealobsession #sexdrugsandcereal




I see you like Krave too. Check out mine and like back please. Thanks! @scullzz


@walshes51 Any time is cereal time! 👍


Cereal...it’s not just for breakfast anymore 👍


@siobhanm13 you knows it! A full biscuit tin is a happy biscuit tin. As is my belly when it is full of biscuits and Krave.


I bet the biscuit tin is looking good too @scullzz 👍🏻

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