Takashi Yasui

Kamishikimi Kumano-imasu Jinja

Kumamoto, Kumamoto

Kamishikimi Kumano-imasu Jinja




とてもきれいですね😍 行きたいです😍


すばらしい 😃👍


🏅 El Camino Hacia La Vida ETERNA 🕊️ Es "ANGOSTO" ⤴️ Y La SANTA Palabra de DIOS 📃 Claramente Nos ADVIERTE 🛡️ Que Muy POCOS Lo Hallan 🏁


Wow. Now I want to go back and find this place.


@shih0107 dopeすぎた☺️


😍😍😍such lovely photos


So much beautiful green


love this!! so moody 🤘


Beautiful shots




Awesome 👏 So spiritual!


omgg this feels so magical


Wow 😲 awesome photo 🙌🏻🔥🔝




We're plugging away through hashtags looking for inspiration and definitely found some here in your gallery! Thanks for sharing 😍


I really would like to go there.But I know that we have to drive a car only. I think we can't. Thanks for sharing nice pics.😘


Simplemente magnifica fotografía🎇


Eh, it's perfect beauty.... want to be there




Mysterious atmosphere! 😍👍


Beautiful pictures 😍


Great job capturing the feeling of the place, thank you for sharing.




I wanna go ❤️❤️❤️

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