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Photo by @babaktafreshi
The World at Night project
Meteora looks otherworldly in day or night. This World Heritage site in Greece appears here at dusk when I just began a long imaging session to the morning, walking under stars and these giant sandstone rock pillars. Meteora is a complex of unusual monasteries built on top and inside the rocks, some a thousand years old.
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Beyond alluring - completely and utterly enchanting.


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wonderful view of a great scenery




Amazing shot!! 👏


@cao.duquette ya pcq t’as pas voulu m’attendre einnn


@berniemaxima vas falloir que tu retournes en Grèce juste pour voir ça de tes propres yeux 💫


😍😍😍😍😍 wow love it!


@landofmu ça ressemble un peu à Moustier non ?


Absolutely beautiful


So Beautiful 😍


Myself and my husband visited Meteora during our 2015 year looking traveling throughout Europe. We lived in 9 countries and visited a total of 15 which included side weekend trips.


The place where i want to travel @choetes


Wow 💕 beautiful


@stephwanderlust Um yes please. Thanks


No words... ❤️


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@gstyk5 να έρθεις, να σε πάω αντε!

@ann_odcastle y está en Grecia!!

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