“Let’s get this Summer started!” writes @indythegoldendoodle

“Let’s get this Summer started!” writes @indythegoldendoodle 




Neues Video auf rocco_official_2010 😎✌️


That face! Hair so curly! Lol Adorable!


Quite curious.


Indy let’s do this damn thing

What a beautiful breed 😎❤️


Thank you for posting such awesome photos! We adore it! 👍👍👍


Congratulations cutie @indythegoldendoodle


I inspire to be featured on this page someday! 🐶


@buggyboo2u lol yes it is... For all of us wet poodles. Had to share this dog is hilarious!😜😂😂😂😂


@lenzylula I'm dead!!!!😂😂😂 the struggle is real!!!😂😂


Looks so happy 😍


I’m in!!! 👏🏻👏🏻


Είσαι Όμορφος!!!!!


I’m ready!!


@tessnoelle72 not as scary as Nellie when she was at dog beach 😂😂


Cutie Pie Maggii...


Ok, cute than anything else.

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