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Well was about time πŸ€”
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Well was about time πŸ€”
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Welcome home


@rolls_shorty you gotta get a mac now... it has been decided


PS. This is the absolute best post in a ages @musiciangoods !!!! I’m a total FAN & Supporter!


I’d like to chime-in again... My profession is @clarkstarfilms @starfightermusiz & Mastering Music 🎢. The MacBook πŸ’» Pro has been my weapon for years, and now I find it hard deciding what device to purchase. The newest #apple MacBook Pro touch or the previous 15.4 Retina because of the ports & easygoing upgrade options. To save space, I truly wish Apple would listen to the pros like all of us, and build us what we need, instead of making the world 🌎 conform to there ideology. I would love to hear some feedback & everyone’s opinion.


Beta’s been out for 4 years


Why tho... we have garageband


@clarkstar_mastering that's forward thinking


@mrmeazie hell yes... however, apple 🍎 has made out workhorse 🐎 into some freaking sideshow calculator two (2) port kids toy... I’m almost ready to build a laptop πŸ’» myself. Tell me if I’m fibbing brah!


i been running FL on my mac for a year now


Fruity finally gets an apple.


Ohhhhh shittttt




Hmm stick with a $800 HP or buy a $1000 Mac just for a software


Lmao......hella late


I just ran windows on my Mac for fl now I can switch back


FL was my first program. I'm just throwing my two cents here but I think any program would be difficult to learn after you're used to one. It's like learning how to paint with brushes and then someone hands you an air gun and says have at it


Fruity shit.


@musiciangoods official it is πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’―


Lmfao they dumb late people been found work arounds and fl is a headache when u first start i doubt it will help dem sales but hey accessibility is cool


@mrmeazie guess its official nos


Still won’t use it


But its been there for a while


We've been using it in Mac for awhile now πŸ˜πŸ€“


The beta was a crash frenzy😭 finallyπŸ™Œ

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