These #furbabies just make everything better on a bad day ❤️
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@me_and_punky hi Punky Mom! They are good - Archie loves Do, Do tolerates him and can sit next to him😝 UNTIL Archie bops her in the head gently and she is like”I’m outta here!”👿


My mom wants to know if Archie is any better with Do these days? They look very sweet together! ❤️💕💕💕❤️


@theluckyneko they are the Sun and Moon you’re right!!😝


@travelerbug thanks TBug! Do is actually descended from the Royals. Her great great grandmother was the Duchess of CATbridge!👑👑👑


What would we do without them? 💜❤️💙


Do has perfected the regal look in this one. She’s so gorgeous.


That's the truth. Hope your weekend gets better. 🧡🧡


Sorry you had a bad day...but yes, those are definitely sweet faces and we look forward to seeing them each day ❤️😻


We agree! They are daily sunshine!🤗😻😻❤️❤️

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