That moment when you try something you are making on to see how it fits and it's so snuggly and comfy you don't even want to take it back off to hem or iron. Fabric is a $1 a yard clearance medium weight rib type knit from walmart. (Score!) Pattern is @jalie_patterns #droppocketcardigan and I love it. I may live in this for a while as NJ is apparently going to stay rainy and gloomy for the rest of eternity. #sewing #sewingmakesmehappy #rainraingoaway #brother1034d #brother2340cv #babylockcrescendo #jaliepatterns




On my list of patterns to buy! Looks awesome!


@sweetlittlecottage Yes, a really lucky find and can't beat the price. ☺


Pretty colour 💙


Looks so good - well done 💖


❤🤗🌞🌞🌞 SUN SUN SUN IS ON ITS WAY..... & what I bet I know for a fact ..that is a gorgeous snuggly blue on you is your best color 🍀🌞😘😍🤗🐦💙💙💙💙💙💙💙


@traceywid aw that's a lovely compliment from a very clever lady like yourself..thanks lovely 😗😗


@all.the.pretty.things38 Aw thanks..your crochet work just amazes me, though. If you ever open an etsy shop, make sure you ship to the US. Your bunny blanket was perfection. ☺


Wow you are so talented xx


That looks amazing on you, and it does look super snuggly too!

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