William Albert Allard

Regata on the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy, 1969

My first visit to Italy was for @natgeo magazine in 1969 to make photographs of Venice. On the day of the regata on the Grand Canal I had arranged to be allowed to photograph from the window of an apartment overlooking the bend in the Canal. I used a special wide angle camera I owned briefly to make the image. It was called and Zeiss Hologon Ultra Wode with a fixed 15mm lens. I’d received the camera earlier that year as part of winning the White House Photographer of the Year Award. I was a member of the White House Photographers Association although I never worked in the White House. The image of the regata I made has always reminded me of a miniature painting with great detail that reflects a more ancient era. The camera I used was stolen later that year by two kids zipping by on a motor scooter as I walked along a roadside somewhere in South Vietnam. I was disappointed to have it stolen but can’t say I really missed it. I’ve never been a sure wide angle kind of photographer.
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Wow 👍


Love this photo! It does remind me of an old painting! Venice is my favorite place!


@powellperng you should follow this photographer


Beautiful photograph @williamalbertallard such an inspiration


What amazing shot👏🏼😍


Fabulous image ❤️❤️


You got some cool insta photos 😊👍🏾


Wow. Amazing shot.




@mich.gillie011 thank you Michelle. I appreciate it


Please always include the stories to you photos, they add such life to your work!


The colors in this picture are beautiful Mr. Allard. 👍


What a lovely and interesting narrative that accompanies such a striking picture. Such talent




Wonderful! As always.


@femmeflamme *grab his paints!


If Canaletto had lived long enough to see this photograph, he'd have wept for joy first, then hurried off to gran his paints!




Incredible shot!


amazing photo with also amazing colors.. I guess you can't beat film :)


. ╲ \╭┓Boɑ Tɑrde!
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┗╯\ ╲ Que ɑ doce pɑz fɑçɑ pɑrte de seu corɑção hoje e sempre e hɑjɑ vidɑ resplɑndecendo ɑtrɑvés do seu suspirɑr. Que você tenhɑ muitɑ luz e pɑz.
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@andrew.c.camp isn’t this a great photo?!


Beautiful ❤❤❤


The detail of the 🚣‍♀️ is amazing!


But you sure got a terrific shot - and the picture is almost a half century old !




I missed a change to get a signed copy of your recent bufallow in the snow flash sale. I'm never giving up on the hope of one day keeping a signed work of yours. #GreatPhotographer


I shot many images on film in my 2 day trip to Venice last april and I have been posting those in my account. But ofcource non of those is close in beauty to your image. What a lovely color pallet of kodakchrome and such a nice spot to appreciate the scenery 🍷


Love the vibes ♥️ ✨

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