William Albert Allard

Crenshaw, Mississippi, 1968// In 1968 I was assigned to photograph the “Poor Peoples March” that was to start in the Deep South and end up in Washington DC. A reporter and I went to a gathering of African Americans in the area of Crenshaw, Mississippi who were supposed to leave for Washington in a day or two. The people were crowded together under a a huge canvas tent where we met the Irbys, a nice family who agreed to let us follow them back to their home later, an aged wooden tenant house sitting in the midst of vast cotton fields. But before we left the tent, I made a few portraits of some of the family but mostly of Hank, who was 17 at the time. The details in the portrait of Hank are so important probably because they are really imperfections, something one might change or correct of one we’re going to do a serious portrait session. Little details like the part of an under shirt that shows. How the top button of his shirt is buttoned tight, the second button is loose. And there are small flecks of blue paint on his shirt that echo the color of his sweater. His well worn cap is tilted just so. The wall of the tent behind him provides background color that blends so well with his dark eyes, his brown skin. His gaze at me is just slightly apprehensive but accepting. Although unstudied, it’s probably as hones and direct a portrait as I’ve ever made.
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Beautiful 👏


An incredible photo @williamalbertallard 👍🏽


I would love to see all the images you made from this assignment. This is honest and real, like all your work.


The portrait is beautiful, as is Hank


I wonder if he’s still alive.. or a family member , as I’m sure they’d LOVE to have this photo


Beautiful portrait. 67 now.


That’s a haunting image...such deep expression in his eyes


@williamalbertallard I just discovered you about an hour ago and I can’t stop looking at your photos on this page!! This portrait speaks to me. I LOVE taking photos of people. You can see so much. Thank you!!!


Beautiful Gallery


I like your description of the boy,gentle...


Man what a shot... his face tells it all




If you retouched a single thing you'd ruin the photo and obliterate the essence. But then you know that so wisely left it alone. I wonder about a young boy who is now a man only three years older than my early senior age.






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Great portrait. Certainly tells a story.


This is a fantastic portrait.


@fm_dam dit moet je eens lezen :)


Your photos tell an absolutely amazing story


Perfect photo as is!!!


his story must be deep




Great portrait ❤️


Loved reading this description. Agree 100% those “imperfections” are what make it great.


Very powerful.


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