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What was it that Chris Sheppard would say everytime he spun on the radio. He had this saying everytime he'd cut to break. He was the sh*t back in the day.


@theflyervault @russellpeters was a comedian before we knew what a comedian was...


Shep has all sorts of amazing stories. He told me about hanging with the beasties, NIN and more. I bumped into him at a prodigy concert at the koolhaus like 8 years ago. He brought me into green room and introduced me to Liam and his wife, and their whole extended family.


This is amazing. I loved Chris Sheppard! And of course the BBOYS


@lettherebehouse416 celebration generation, chris sheppard on the wheels of steel in the downtown city of love


Wasn’t Chris Sheppard also responsible for assisting with The Cult to break through in Canada a few years earlier ? @officialcult @ianastburyofficial @billyduffyofficial


@dre__franco Pirate Radio ☠️📻


Pirate radio sessions were my jam!


I grew up listening to Mastermind, dj x and the soul controllers but if I said I wasn't pumping Chris Sheppard live from rpm I would be lying 👊🏿


City of love


Chris Sheppard also opened the bovine to be an industrial dance club


@russellpeters you know it. A trailblazer 100%


Chris Sheppard was an influencer well before we knew what an influencer was... Salute!!


👍🏻 👍🏻




Wow wow 🙌🏽🙌🏽


Nice southeast corner wood and church


I’m Dead. 💀🙏🏻🔥


I wonder how much cocaine Sheppard snorted on this particular day. 😂😂😂

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