Capture stunning Long Exposure aerial imagery with the NEW #CinemaSeries Exposure Collection (ND128, ND256, ND1000) | Shot on #DJI #MavicPro | 📸: @ryanlongnecker




@nicholas.litwin you need dead winds. But sweet.


Just ordered mine! So excited 😁


When it will available in Amazon?


Amazing long exposure shot!


This is rad 🤙🏽


Looks so smooth


@polarpro thanks for the response! Is there a time frame to expect same filters for phantom series!?


I would put this on my wall, @ryanlongnecker. So good!


@rotciveel yeah that mavic was crazy still. Not all shots turned out this good and it was a pretty windy day.


@chasingthedronelife Phantom4Pro, Mavic Pro and Mavic Air only at this time


@samuel_habeahan We have an awesome team here at PolarPro, and we're just as proud of our customer service as we are about our products. Thanks for the support 👊


@polarpro awesome thanks!


@rotciveel 8 second exposure ND1000


Thats great and badass set of filters @polarpro 👏👏👏 Congrats👌 Also i would like to see the same set for Gopro Hero 5/6 😎


@polarpro can you send me a set for my mavic pro platinum? I just bought the vivid collection. Im on dialysis for kidney failure and cant afford another set please


Such an amazing shot, can't wait to get our hands on these filters! 🤤


Wow what were the settings for this shot? Crazy the drone was perfectly still for this @polarpro @ryanlongnecker


What an outstanding company! Price might be a little high but you absolutely get what you paid for, premium quality + excellent customer service + fast shipping. Even though they don’t give out coupon code, I am still a satisfied costumer.


This is so amazing!! Do you make them for the Phantom4!!???


These look amazing! It's looking like my PolarPro filter collection is going to grow! Can't wait to try them out soon!


That's my next pick up. Best filters on the market. Where can I get the polar pro hat @polarpro


Yes! Definitely going to pick some of these up!


Amazing! Would love to have a pair


Absolutely shattered, I asked you guys back in December if these were going to be made and was told no, so I had to buy a competitors nd1000 for the mavic pro instead. Would have been nice to get the 128 and 256 as well.


@polarpro hahahaha I will for sure guys!


Sweet! Shame these weren’t out when I ordered my ND filters from you a few weeks ago ☹️ - won’t be able to order these for a while 👎🏻


@polarpro 😊😊 staahhpppp. You’re doing naughty things to me!


@alexmedina.photography thanks for the support Alex 👊


@markcure thanks Mark, they have been heavily requested. Excited to get them to the market :)


@fabiokotinda we are a bit biased but you gotta get your hands on these #gamechanger


@jeremybomford bring on the darkness 😎 long exposures here we come


@jeremybomford bring on the darkness 😎 long exposures here we come


That’s perfect. I want one for sure.


This tones are delicious!

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