Photo of the Day: What you discover may surprise you 👽| Shot on #DJI #MavicPro #CinemaSeries | 📸: @_dantucker

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This place wow 🤔😋😻


So soooo good


That Looks awesom


Heck yeah this is so epic 🙌🏻


@alexanderson2001 your right it had started to get damaged but I quite like that, got a post apocalyptic feel! Bet by the end of the weekend it will be totally ruined.


Dope shot 🔥


@_dantucker ah right. Nice shot


@alexanderson2001 I just couldn’t get there the first day, had to wait for the next good day of conditions!


@darylswalker cheers Daryl man 🤙🏻


That’s incredible


Incredible man! Best I’ve seen from this spot 😍 @_dantucker


When I went there it was the first day, shame it is slightly ruined now


@jeremybomford cheers mate 🤙🏻




@andr3acst che bomba cazzz.. andiamo alla ricerca di ufi 😍❤️


Yeeeeeeeeeee!!! Sick!


Dope shot! Loving the colors!


That's insanely cool


@_dantucker no worries man!


Whaaat? Sick!


This aerial shit is like no other!😍😍


@boyanoo thanks man 👊🏻


@_dantucker what a shot! 🔥👌🏻


So sick!




They are definitely coming! lol! This is amazing!


Where is this place?


@palliedg cheers buddy!


Fantastic find @_dantucker very nice tones!


Sooo awesome !!!


One question, how ? ))


Amazing find!!! What a shot👀🙌🏻


That’s amazing!!

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