Luella & Magnolia

When Mom and Dad say they’re leaving you to go to Iceland for the next ten days and are NOT TAKING you. Repeat: they are leaving us behind. Mom may have almost cried saying goodbye to us this morning. Oh the misery! Momager will do her best to keep up with posts but forgive us if we are a little MIA over the next week.




@lu_and_mags that is pawsome!! 💕🐶


@lola.thegoodgirl thank you!!! They just FaceTimed us from the airport!!


Lucky pawrents, wishing them a wonderful time with safe travels!!!

@lu_and_mags they are very excited!!


@thebig_blue yes, they have a lot of making up to do and they better bring back toys/treats or else!!

Wow lucky Mum and dad Iceland will be amazing enjoy x


@lu_and_mags this is neglect of the highest order ladies...start planning your sulk for when they return. Yes they’ll have an amazing time and yes Iceland is stunning, but they will have many snuggles and belly rubs to make up for!


@theperintonpup not too much fun though - we want them to come back to us!!


Ugh, that’s the worst 😩 I hope your humans have fun!!


@thelifeof_remingtonsmith thank you! It sure is 😭😭😭


Safe travels!! It’s so hard leaving your babies I know 😂😂😂😂


@b0_the_g0lden right?!?! Why can’t we go?


@twodogstraveling just like you two cuties!!


@priya_julie such mixed feelings!!


What a cute duo 😍😍😍


The nerve!!


I hate when mom & dad leave!!😭


these girls are so cute!


Awwww poor mama! I know the feeling @adairsmith


Have so much fun hoomans and to da pups, stay cute 😘


@my.lab.josie we might with our fun uncle - he spoils us so!!


Have fun everyone 🤗 You might have more fun than mom and dad 🤫❤️❤️


Miss you already babies ❤️😘


@edgar.cocker ❤️❤️❤️


Oh you are both so cute!! Your mom will be back soon ❤️❤️


@theosgoldenyears we can’t imagine how it could be fun without us but we hope so too!!


Hope your parents have so much fun!!!


@adventureswith_lucy it was for our pawrents too! We’ll let you know how it is!!


@lu_and_mags Iceland is a bucket list of mine!!


@grayandfranny that’s what we are hoping!!!


That’s the worst! But we are totally jealous of your parents!! (Maybe they’ll bring you home some Icelandic treats!!)


@goldengirlfrankie they better bring us back some souvenirs!!


You’ll get extra spoiled when they get back! Tell your parents to enjoy their trip!


@juniper.pup we sure hope so!!!


@lunalabby they better or mags will bring her top side eye game!


@adventures_of_tuckandduke just trying to keep up with you two cuties!


@adventureswith_lucy Mom and Dad say thank you! We are hanging with our uncle all week, which should be a blast!

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