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Being back home seems to make the lessons I’ve learned while away seem even more important. No matter what culture we come from, there’s so much we can learn from one another. For a long time now, I’ve been trying to take the values and memories I was given from growing up in a rural and simple way of life and preserve them by applying such values to my modern reality. I was basically trying to turn my nostalgia into a resurgence of sorts. I did this because it made me feel rooted, connected and extremely joyful. But as I did, I also noticed a ripple effect of change and a growth of a like minded community. These past travels have only made those values grow stronger as I felt like I traveled back in time and got to live in villages or with tribes and see the importance of what really sustains their precious culture and the land around them. I thought returning to a more modern world would give me a hard dose of culture shock but rather it only makes me see how much we all have in common. Even in populated modern civilizations, we all have a tribe. And it makes me happy to know that my tribe will do the extra work, get dirt under our nails and salt in our hair if that means we can take care of each other and our home that provides so much for us. Self sufficiency isn’t about detaching from community, it’s about supporting the true heart of it.
To read about one of my favorite tribe members @edstown click the link in my bio. Or if you haven’t already, watch the vid in my IGTV to learn about our goals and beliefs. Thank you @olukai for sharing our vision and always supporting our local community.
I’ll also be taking over @patagonia_surf insta stories tomorrow and giving glimpses of my daily life and how it keeps me connected to the natural world that provides so much for me!




I loved your shows on "Living free". One of these show moved me tremendously. It reminded me of why I'm miserable..and that living is not about amassing material, boy toys. Living is about stripping life to its bare essentials and realising how much nature has to much nature can make me happy...and how much there is to discover about nature. You reminded me of how much I have missed the mark in life. It a surreal awakening for me.




Merhaba ben Türkiye'den🤗 Biraz önce sizi Nat Geo Wild kanalında ki yeni Zelanda belgeselinizi izledim ve çok etkilendim. Doğanın gücü ve güzelliği beni çok etkiledi. Şehir hayatının artısı ve eksisi çok. Ama Doğadaki hayatın insanın ömrünü uzatacağına ve ruhumuza huzur getireceğini sizden gördüm. Anlatım güzelliğinizden dolayı teşekkür ederim. Sevgiler☺


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Love your stories. Where is home for you?


Love your stories. Where is home for you?


Great words, thanks for the message~


always look forward to your commentary, Kimi. Precious and sound advice and reflection


🌺🌸 great post as always & @edstown is the man one of my favorite knowledgeable chefs 🤙🏻 @kimi_swimmy


Beautiful! So well said!


Love you Kimi and your Heart!💙🏝@kimi_swimmy@patagonia_surf


Strength. Wisdom. Authenticity.




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