Pennie Swim

I will NEVER get sick of seeing your beautiful babes in Pennie Swim!😍 This summer has been a crazy one, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU (again) for allowing me to put my family life first and still supporting this dream of mine! Xo, Alli




@kelsiememmott FOR LIL BABY SAV COMING IN FEBRUARY 😍😍 you wouldn't have to sunscreen her cute lil arms in hawaii!!!


Make sure to check out our page for our drawing! We are looking for baby ambassadors and would love to consider your little one as we launch our new store! ❀️


@karaherms omg!!’ ❀️ how adorable


@nadine.mulvany this swimsuit on Harper!!! 😍


@brooke_gay13 okay!! Sweet thank you:)


@dakotasurae This shop has the CUTEST baby swimsuits and she’s having a way good sale right now! You should check it out :)


@aimees57 these reminded me of you guys! Always love seeing M in her adorable swim suit 😍😍


@polkadotwhimsy she is so darling and I love that her name matches the swimsuit!☺️


Aww that’s my sweet grand baby.. she loves your swim suites .. ❀️

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