Love to aee them together. Can feel love


@lnboles Iโ€™ve been asking the same qsn too


Who is the older lady in blue in the second row??


@anatorresx sheโ€™s to teensy


@history_royals thought it might be edited but donโ€™t think it is lol


Her Majesty!!!....Queen Elizabeth Keep on Shinning, Shine Brighter each day...Queen Elizabeth You're a Star a Bright-Star all the way...x2ce Queen Elizabeth-Phillip Windsor Wits-Sure, Win and Soar! Queen Elizabeth Jesus Loves You, Queen Elizabeth Bright Shinning Star, Queen Elizabeth You Must Soar! and Soar! and Soar! and Soar! till Christ Says Well-done!


@anatorresx just realized it you are right ๐Ÿ˜‚


@squidgepethick babe how skinny are her legs. !!!!!!

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