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#repost - @richmedina - Our beloved brother @djspinna had an emergency appendectomy surgery on June 11th 2018. He’s recovering praise God, but he needs more than prayer hands and digital wishes. It takes a village. Let’s help the Williams family focus on healing instead of how to pay the crazy bills that follow those deep hospital moments. We love you Spinna & @keistarproductions. Help is on the way like The Whatnauts said. ❤




@lnj4boogie I know I been following the story.






American health care system is a joke, get well soon


Noooo man no get well soon this man is a genius


@anuthegiant @gqthateacha @lilmsfefe I believe she has a bot set up that pushes a generated message to certain celebrities everytime they put up a new post..


Sending my prayers...✨🙏




Get well @djspinna ! 🙏🏻


Praying great recovery


@lora_awt ma’am this is not the platform for this!!!you can’t be serious right now!


You will get better and bless us with more exceptional music


Oh wow, I didn’t know.




Prayers going up. 🙏🏼


@naphtalir he does our favorite mix of Days Like This by Sean Escoffery!


@lora_awt have some respect Smfh


@lora_awt You do realize that this post is about a friend of ours who is sick, hospitalized and needs our support, right? Has some respect.


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😻😻Very beautiful 🎆🎈🎈.. Please take a look at my arts on my Instagram account,and order for yours Thank you🙏🏽🙏🏽


Get well soon. God bless.

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