Takashi Yasui

Everyday life in Tokyo

11,783 Tokyo, Japan



this is so good the image is so sharp!


What camera did you use?


Good shot




Wabi sabi!💜


Spectacular shot


Hidden treasure in Tokyo




Great shot😍🖤


your photos give me such nostalgia ♡♡ love the mood you depict


You gotta love the charm Tokyo has. Such a lovely place. I can't wait to see it.


Asagaya Star Road 💕 I love this town


Want to life at here 😂😂


Mood 🙌🏾🙌🏾






Yes! This’s so beautiful!


Stride by perfection!! Love it!


Classic Tokyo chaos. Nice shot :)


passing by


Missing so much Japan


what a beautiful photo!!


Which part of tokyo is this??


Cool! 😎⚡️🖤




Tuck, wanna catch up for some photos fun times July 6th? Visiting Tokyo then, from London! Best wishes from a faraway fan!


Tell me what camera you used for this shot


Awesome photo!!! Love this sunset light in Japan!!! 🙌📷👌




I cry every time I see a pic like this @rightnowits530pmlol


Love it!


Nice one 👌🏾


Great framing, I love this shot!

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