I can’t take this seriously😂


@mattianoferi ma l’hai visto adesso il tag?


@giorgianoid tu sembri te quando sei imbronciata, non ho voglia di fare le foto


She’s amazing! 😂




Omg!!! I can’t! Absolutely, adorable!!💛😩💜


@elyseoh it looks like Edith


@elyseoh it looks like Edith


Nice brows 😋


Eyebrows on fleek! 💁🏻‍♀️ My mom says that's not a word anymore, but Ima still use it!


@aakritiiprasad .. I don't knw why am i mentioning u.. I just am..


Hehehhehhe those brows are Killin it


@pedrodecimus she is so cuteeeee

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