No veas cómo los tienen esa gente


@pilarorz pues si, pero tengo que comprar tapacubos más nuevos aún


Ух сколько!


فدوحده الي ماكو 😢


Wow how do I get one


😆😆😆😆 يالله ❤️


@__thorben thanks! My colleagues return to Portugal, but I went to denmark and sweeden (Malmo). Great day!


@christophecouto Amazing! Loved that you were on the stage and got a prize 👌🏼 I just had to drive for two hours. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Maybe we‘ll see us in Portugal someday with my W123!


@mateo123lop In Tarmstedt in Germany, i was there too 👌🏼


@ovalerde tenemos que ir si o si a una de estas


Schöne Grüße von -78-


Ohhmann unsere Antriebswelle hat uns leider im Stich gelassen und wir haben es auf Grund dessen versäumt 😢


I was there too, from Portugal!




Updating upgrading inside and out 1981 300 SD turbo diesel historical classic any suggestions RFP. email reply champnet@consultant.com


@haitham3anan t7esohoom zero 😍😍,, msh 3arf ezay


@abdelrahmanyasserseoudy بث مباشر من الجنة


World Record with 457 W123 in Germany


I got the same! Manganbraun with a beige interior!


Wow amazing where was it ?

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