Jody MacDonald

As a photographer who travels the world capturing different cultures, I am inspired by other strong women who challenge our perception. This Bajau sea gypsy woman is fishing for her family in the warm waters of the Togian islands in Indonesia, where the basic need to survive supersedes the creation of gender stereotypes. In places where time seems to have stood still, hierarchy becomes irrelevant and both women and men forge ahead equally to take on the necessary roles to feed their families. When reflecting back on history it’s impossible to ignore the important role women have always played in sustaining our communities. Thanks @natgeo for including me in celebrating #womenofimpact here at @cannes_lions this week in France!

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Beautiful photo! πŸ“Έ


Just love this shot and the commentary! Well done πŸ˜‰


Love it!

Great angle!


@jodymacdonaldphoto I interacted with many Bajau during my work in the Philippines. I didn’t realize there were communities of them in Indonesia as well, but it makes sense due to their transient nature. Thank you for sharing!




Ure so lucky to be rich that u can travel around the world


Bravo!!! Amazing photo and thank you for explaining it!!!


Incredible photo and story. Keep on inspiring!



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Wonderful story and incredible photos. I am a big fan of yours πŸ™ŒπŸ»


Thank you for recognizing her. Thanks for all you do for women. I hope it comes back to you 10 fold.


Awesome Jody. You’re an inspiration to me


Wonderfull Photo and thanks for the history




Nice shot!




Nice photo


Beautiful image and.... terrific caption!

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