@rebelxgang_jbug its a emotion in us bro Fan or not a human taken away


@experzvibes dont gotta be a fan to give condolences


Never liked X at all. But it sad to see kids get killed or locked up. Look at X, look at Tay K.


why @xxxtentacion are marked in the picture?


R.I.P. x 🙏💔😢


@douglas.hurley yea that pissed me off too but still RIP




@2pacdraw but paybacks a bicth


@b_ware1994 I would never wish death l


It's neva gonna end.


@karlkani bring back those hoodies


He stupid af for talking on Pac tho, funny how if Pac was here he still be alive cause his music wouldnt be relevant


Damm Man Big Pac And XXX die in a stupid drive by realy young and left good thing to share


rip x 🙏🏽


Even though he talked mad trash on pac..still..rip


Wasnt a biggest fan of xxx but rip to that guy


Muitas vidas perdidas por coisas banais e passageiras... O Hip Hop não é violência Hip Hop e arte e poesia..

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