Wonderful Places

Napflio - Greece ✨🌺🌺🌺✨ Picture by ✨✨@minogiannisvalantis✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature 🌺


Napflio - Greece ✨🌺🌺🌺✨ Picture by ✨✨@minogiannisvalantis✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature 🌺




Lovely. 😍 Great place for a healthy breakfast, tea, a good book, some writing and arts perhaps. 😊


So beautiful🌺🌸


@pedromiguelromeu nós iremos meu amor ❣️


@aninhapharma quero tomar um café da tarde aqui com você


Sweet place nd Full ExcellenT




@iva_rudnicki vidi ovo😍 jos samo maloo🤗🇬🇷


- دل من گرفته زین جا
هوس سفر نداری
ز غبار این بیابان؟


@_sanabali__ عاااااااشقتم😍منم همینطور❤️


Wonderful, we can't wait to go back!


@arjunsh7h Thank you ! I also take reference images that is why the place looks similar. But I'm glad it gives a feeling of being there actually ☺️


A place that makes you smile and fidget all other meaningless places




@bianca.moni.9 that would be great


I want to be here right now !! @paige.kelli

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