Dafne S. 🇮🇹

Ky favourite souvenirs ever?! Polaroid 😍
The moments before the picture is visible are always nice memories ❤️ I remember the waiting for this 2 to come out....I loved the result!!
Have you ever tried a polaroid!?
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219 John Lennon Wall



Looks nice tho


These are just great


Hehehe sounds like a list


They have little instant polaroids now!!! I want one so bad!!


Wow this wall has changed a lot since I was there!


Cool I love polaroids


Awww sooo cute and sweet


Awww that is so cool! I love polaroids!


Polaroid camera bring me back to when I was a child! It has a really nostalgic feel to it.


I have a Polaroid camera but I never use it!


I have and it was so exiting :)))


Love it!!!!! This is so cool! Hope you guys had the best trip 😍


Woow nice collage, so cool!!


This is a really cool photo


Los mejores recuerdos creo yo


Nope! Cute guys ☺️


This is really cute


So cool 😊


Yeah I know what you mean and.. you're right! 🤙🏻


I haven’t used a Polaroid in a while. But I love these! It may be time to pick it up again!


I used to have a Polaroid!


What a great capture! Love the vintage feel


That picture brings back memories of old ❤️


@afischer91 wow amazing 😍 when i was kid we had the one you used once and then bin them


@fit.andsexy give them another try


This post is awesome


I tried it, but it is long ago now


I used to have a Polaroid camera back in the day


@_iwanttobreakfree_ Haha I have a couple from vacations, but it's just practical for everything


@justheadingout hahahahahaha nooooo 🤣🤣🤣 trust me, try once and you will fell in love


I'm not patient enough 🙈


@comeflywithlindsay i know right?! Still I always try to get 2/3 each holiday 😜


Yes and I love them too! The film is expensive though 💸

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