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Photo by @taylorglenn // Late afternoon light creates a beautiful rainbow in the mist below Snoqualmie Falls near Seattle, Washington. For the Snoqualmie People, who have lived for centuries in the Snoqualmie Valley in western Washington, the falls are central to their culture, beliefs, and spirituality and long served as a traditional burial site. For them, the falls are the place where First Woman and First Man were created by "Moon the Transformer" and where prayers were carried up to the Creator by great mists that rise from the powerful flow which are said to connect Heaven and Earth. Follow @taylorglenn for more scenery from the Western United States and beyond. #washington #waterfall #snoqualmiefalls




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Lovely nature






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@darkroomghost want to go here tomorrow? 😍 Only like 25 minutes from here!


Beautiful photo!


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North hotel in twin peaks.


Thanks for the background on the falls. My one visit to Snoqualmie was so powerful. It makes sense that it is such a spiritually meaningful place.


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