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@taktical6 I love it imo it’s the best brace. No rubber and no Velcro strap.


How do you like the tailhook? What made you go for the tail hook over SBA3?


@harrisonbaucum It was done in 4 weeks took a little longer because I sent the pistol brace and Law tactical


@menocal_international_training Did yours take the 4-6 weeks it says on the website? Or less? I didn’t get any options for it to take longer besides being bronze and the Law Tactical folder


@harrisonbaucum it’ll definitely be worth the wait




My 10.5 Mod3 is being built right now. The next month of waiting for it is gonna kill me πŸ˜‚




Badass pistol πŸ”₯


@kkevinrramos I knowπŸ˜‰ Jk but now I do lol


Eyyy that’s where I live!

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