Takashi Yasui

Everyday life in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Everyday life in Tokyo




@_colordo 흥치 이런 사진 찍어와


Love the tone 😍😍


Brilliant 🙏


@06.emily can’t wait to go!!


The nostalgia is killing me 😭💔




amazing color


@golden2dew Thanks Z!!!


@mao_kokubu 何それ!めっちゃ嬉しいやん😆


loving UENO so much..😊.. thanks for the photos..


@_tuck4 教えてくれた、ありがとうございます!


Tones for days!!!




@sunnywu_89 let’s go there together❤️


Tones and crisp lines are so good


Your photos make me nostalgic for Japan! 😊✨🇯🇵❤️


Fantastic shot


Complicated but nice city of Tokyo


Your best shot yet! 💜


I can’t wait to move to Japan. Your pictures encourage me so much! @_tuck4


Love walking around Ueno.


Your photos are so vibrant


Great ones!




what filter did u use? any software to make this effects?


Qué maravilla!

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