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Photo by @KristaRossow // Churning, nutrient-rich waters surround the #InianIslands where the Inside Passage meets the Pacific Ocean at Cross Sound. No wonder that haul-out rocks are covered in Steller sea lions, otters cling to abundant kelp, and it is common to see the white heads of bald eagles speckling the treetops. To see more of #Alaska and beyond, follow @KristaRossow.

143,587 Cross Sound



Very cool shot


@winosapientales going to leave work early Friday btw! Cool if I get there 4ish so I avoid traffic?


@pondlake yeah I thought there was a heap of sweet potatoes on a rock at the beach


@winosapientales hahahahaha yes!!!


@pondlake we’ll dig some up for you this weekend! ✨🌱


They look like sweet potato @bb_grrrrl @winosapientales


This is potentially the best photo I’ve ever seen @sam_d_s_






Amazing photo!

Nice share kak 😊


@carolinevdijk I thought they were sweet potatoes


Id love to see the wide shot. What’s this elevation?


look at the fat lil guy in the middle @greta


@nerea_jg tΓΊ, en el centro, con tus amigos en la boda πŸ˜‡


@mariaa.ferr jajajjajajajjajaja idiota


@nerea_jg tΓΊ en el centro, junto a tus amigos los de la boda πŸ˜‡


King of his castle


Wow 😍


@natgeotravel -> A tremendous shout out to YOU for actually taking the time and effort in posting such a rock & roll image on Insta of the GRAM 🀩🀘🏽🌞 it’s images like THIS that make me feel as if my optical nerves sky dived from the airplane of inspiration, and without a parachute, peacefully landed on the green pastures of gratitude!!! πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒ»πŸŒ€ #amazingpictures #instagreat #lovethisphoto #gratitude




Ahh yes, the ever elusive Mountain Sea Lions! Such a rare find!


I spent a good 1 minute to figure these creatures out




A show! Beautiful


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