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Today is the #worldrefugeeday . We would like to take a moment to remember all of those who have been forced to flee their home, to leave behind everything they built, their families, their beloved once. World Refugee Day doesn't have to be a memorial day, has to be a starting point to change our policies and remember that we are all humans, above all cultural differences. Opening our borders is a temporary solution, and we need to work to give all those people a real future in their own countries, without being persecuted, bombed or killed.
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Brilliant one


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Such a great post!


@the_zen_tiggress So sorry to hear that. Europe should really improve its immigration policies, they are making it harder and harder :/


I've been forced to leave my country, and in SPAIN denied my rights. And I have plenty proofs, worked for an American Embassy, and for that the government from my country almost killed me, nevertheless, SPAIN had the guts to deny my asylum.

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