Who did @c_campbell_93 vote as the top player on the #NFLTop100?🔥




Gtfo he on crack


Ain't better than Khalil Mack




@henryburnham one of the most dominant ends in the league.


@rithvik_sr cowboys?😂 eagles played all there backups and cowboys won 6-0 last game of season obviously eagles are better


Ur not that good


@joseph.brown123b thats right u tell this dorks


#1 Wentz #2 Brady #3 AB #4 Gurley #5 Aaron Donald #6 Gronk #7 Bell #8 Ramsy #9 Campbell #10 Jordan Howard (yeah i said it, Howard #10 cry about it.)




@hwcjoka I’m just giving you a hard time. You’re doing real good.


@ryantacular its hard to go up against stacked teams but I did good rebuilding


That was a good trade you did for him last season. Too bad you still lost ! @hwcjoka




@mstrizz ok that is respectable




@bengalssuperbowlchamps well he was 2nd in sacks this season so it just means you don’t watch


I love how y'all are saying "what's he supposed to say?" Like the only realistic option is arrogance... Brady and Rodgers have both openly said the other is the best QB in the league. It's called character.


@raydawg760 sorry I couldn’t tell if you where a guy or girl and don’t tell me I’m embarrassing myself because I would be pretty embarrassed If I looked like you.....


what a loser


Lol you can vote for yourself? Doesn’t that ruin the list


@patriotsredzone he would make out with his son, and lose to a backup qb.


@kingcalvin3 just because I don’t know some DE on the Jaguars doesn’t mean I don’t know football.


He’s not even the best defender on his team, yet alone player in the league.


Youre not tho

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