Video by @sugar_boogerz
“I love when my grocery basket is full of crayons, glitter and Play-Doh,” says Laurel Driskill (@sugar_boogerz), a 24-year-old art student in Massachusetts. At home, Laurel creates her #ASMR videos — that’s autonomous sensory meridian response, when certain sounds and visuals cause relaxing tingling on the head and neck — using a searing-hot knife to melt through colorful objects like lipsticks and marshmallows.
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@adnanhomesha دخيل عيونك الحلوين


@nada_raae لك من عيوني التنين بجبلك البدك يا 😍😍


Melting your hopes and dreams




@milagrosmedina889 nic xke verga me puse a ver stoooo c me antojooo pol deos k ricooo milagros kiero eso ahorita!!


When you on diet, so you decide to get rid of all the sweets in your home


There's more than one way to make a smore


@__moon.rabbit__ Bc they are wasting something that the homeless can eat!! It’s the same way with me


Why are chu wasting food insta?


@eym_cris I’ll attempt. Thanks :)


@g.iiina you should try it i did ot once i turned on the stove put the marshmallow in a fork and then put it over the fire for like 5 to 10 secs or until it is like goldish and then let it get cold for a little bit (not in the refrigerator) and tryed it it was so delicious




nice picture!


@eym_cris mmmm idkkkkk


Ahh I’m 😍


@g.iiina but burned marshmallows its the most delicious thing i've ever tried


Nice i wanted to see something like this


I would like to eat that right now


Porce malgastas la comida.


That was really satisfying 😮


Gelik tau

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