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Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). They had been hiding in the coastal bush for days, waiting for good weather. That evening, the handlers told the refugees they could try to make it to the other side, there would be little wind, it won’t be too dangerous. From this hidden cove, it was just a 30 minutes boat ride. They had been on the road for weeks. On the horizon, Chios island, Greece = Europe, the final goal. It was a very chaotic scene, the waves pushing the boat and the group of thirty-something refugees (mostly Afghans and Syrians) holding their few belongings wrapped in plastic bags waiting anxiously to get from the rock into the inflatable zodiac. Most of them did not know how to swim, they had never been on the ocean before. You can see more images from this day on my IG Story on @paleyphoto (next 24 hours) #istandbyrefugees #turkey #refugees #worldrefugeeday




@buckynumber1 no I don't think so and how does that solve the problem what you fail to realize is that amongst them are not nice ppl


To those who comment 'Where are the women and children' - From what I hear many young men are either given the choice to fight or leave, and this is why there are so many young male refugees. So quick to judge! Where is your compassion?


How desperate these poor people must be...yet they are being turned away from Australia and many other countries.


Your photo makes me feel the anxiety of them... God be with them and you


@neddybr freedom is worth more than you can ever know. It reminds me of an ancient question. What matters more, peace or freedom?


Why don’t they stay and fix their own countries? Why can’t the Arab world help them? They share their Muslim values.


So sad 😞I hope they are safe and find a home 🙏🏼


@carmelolafu that's not the Key my friend


@duartevp it absolutely changes the story


@jdbsays about the children not being in the photo. Is it any different? Does it change the story at all?


@duartevp about what?


@jdbsays your point being..??


Why don't you name the location of this coast and the nationality of the so-called "handlers"??-Turkey and Turkish of course.


Voir ça aujourd'hui montre bien où en est la nature humaine 😔😖




@rebornindro that they were sharing stories about refugees on international refugee day? :P


Heartbreaking to see what these people suffer because of Assad and Putin 😔


@themaidenking the crusades, at it again ohhhg jeeze




Great shot!!


@sarahvheald spoken exactly like the people we don't want. Odd that there's zero women and or children traveling. Or the fact they haven't any money but cell service?


The wind should blow them back home.


@mw_chamberlain i am totally agree. Where are women- old, young, children. Where are old men like 60-70 plus? Only young men who must stay home and protect own women and parents. And they just run a away. And what is strange I have hear or read refugees who are doctors or architect
can even do simplest work in Europe. Like cleaning streets. They just say : I can not speak local language and so on... The do not have even education, educated people starting learing local language and educated people knows first simplest job and then good job.
Sad. And we are just silly!


A core? @leslies_lovely_life sozzz was out to dinner cos u no I got a life 😛😘 peace ✌🏼


I’ve just discovered you and your photography! Awesome work!! 🙌🏼


Ninguém faz nada!


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