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It was night when Hanan and her family boarded the boat. "I was scared,” Hanan, who is 15, and grew up in Iraq, told me. "All I saw was water.” Hanan had never seen an ocean before -- and now was one of 50 other refugees whom crammed together onto a rubber boat. As it pushed out to sea and the waves started to rise, water started to rush in. "I didn't know how to swim," Hanan said. "I thought we would drown.” A year later, now in Germany, Hanan stands at the edge of a pool, getting ready to jump in the water for the first time. She is amongst a handful of other refugees learning to swim as a way of overcoming their fear of water and the journey they made.




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@bhgrubbs These people only want hand me downs. The reality is that most refugees are working age abled bodied men with no skills, and only an ignorant religion to offer to western nations.


@allen.oconnell you don't know what you are talking about .. i bet you have never experienced war and every one against you .. i can see that you are a spoiled one .. experience war be there place and then open you mouth...






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Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children in the US. Learn to swim. 🏊


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@bhgrubbs I wonder: do you feel you are in some kind of competition with Hanan and others like her? Will you actually suffer and be deprived of she receives a little mercy? Do you imagine that mercy is in such short supply?


@anniewhereintheworld__ so sad, most of us cant even begin to understand what these kids and their families have gone through. And still go through everyday to make a life for themselves that everyone deserves.

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