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Photo by Archana Bhat (@travelingbhat) // #Sponsored by @Nature_Valley // #NatureValleyHikeAMillion // “We woke up at 3AM to drive down to Mt. Ranier National Park to watch the sunrise Mt. Ranier at Tipsoo Lake,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Archana Bhat. “The kids were SO excited to go on an adventure with mom. I packed up their favorite hot chocolate, fruits, snacks, and treats. We watched Mt. Ranier glow bright that morning, and then walked around Naches Loop for a 6AM hike! The kids then saw Mt. Adams and clouds rolling in the distance and were completely enamored with the views. Such a memorable trip to a national treasure.” // Join @Nature_Valley in supporting the national parks by hiking your local trails. Track your miles with the MapMyHike app for a chance to win prizes, like a national park trip!




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