Jameis Winston expected to be suspended several games for violating NFL's personal conduct policy. (via @rapsheet)
📷: @perryknotts/NFL




He better get 6 games. That's what zeke got


@partyofficerflowers and bucs have beat the saints plenty of times. 😂😂


@partyofficerflowers and bucs have beat the saints plenty of times. 😂😂


@bucsfan83 your statement is irrelevant, talking about the bucs not the Vikings but nice try


@cueandis1 😂😂😂


@michaelletts7 I scrolled through a lot of comments to see who would finally say this lol 👏👏👏


If zeke Elliot got 6 games then Jameis should get 6 games






@john.fitz Ryan Fitzpatrick for the win


he's eating that L not that W lol




You play, you pay.


@d_petersonn9 rather be him than you


@johnnywats not really lol.


@b__hollister expensive mistake




@jaboowins3 still rawest qb & we getting ring when you come back


Surprise surprise


NFL never wanna see a black quarterback win I see🤦🏾‍♂️




Story sounds suspicious. I drive for uber all day & everyday. Her story doesn't add up. Another female tryna get paid


@_youngjedii smh I got the alert 😒😒😒


Tainted Crab legs


@pretty_lady_ he hasn't been charged with anything, but I think he's in trouble for not reporting it to the NFL.

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