Forgotten Minds Mental Project

A must see transformation of a homeless man. He was taken into our mental facility against his will because he was threatening to jump off a building. After long 9 months of treatment, he returned to the streets of Mogadishu with ambition to start his own business and continue to care for his mental health. Here he is discussing his journey. It’s one of my favorite transformation. MashaAllah TabarakAllah 🙌
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1,153 Mogadishu, Banadir, Somalia


Gotta help our people




Mashallah 🙌🏾❤️






Ilaah caafimaad buuxa ha siiyo


@asfahmakisha ameen jakazullah kheyr dear ❤️❤️


Mashallah we need more Somali people like this✊🏽


May Allah bless you guys and your work , am amazed every time ❤️❤️❤️💋


@saynabdahir ameen. May allah reward you as well ❤️


@yartadheerey jazakulalh kheyr dear ❤️


@acilmi93 ameen ameen dear ❤️


@fathisadik ameen this was uplifting ❤️


This is beautiful ❤️ May Allah reward you for your work.


MashAllah ❤️💯


Ma sha Allah Tabarakkallah ... 🙏🏽


How amazing!❤️


Subhanallah 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ may allah the almighty make it easy for him and support him to achieve his dreams


This gives me so much hope💕 Allahu Akbar ! Jazakallaah for the updates


MashaAllah, this is amazing work. It just goes to show how if Somalis come together we can achieve anything and make a positive impact in our community 🇸🇴❤️


illahay ha cafimaad ha siiyo inta inaga xanuunsan inta cafimadqabtana illahay hayno siyaadiyo


Doing a good job back home Mogadishu mashallah good job brothers and sisters 🇸🇴❤️


The transformation of this man is the most beautiful and heartwarming thing I've seen in a while, I wish him every success and happiness in the world and beyond ❤️


Thanks for putting it out their and raising awareness ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿


@okayyasinn some rs right there bro




Such a beautiful example of how important it is to seek help and take care of ur mental health!!


Mashallah you guys are doing very beautiful work in Somalia. May Allah bless the staff for all the wonderful and hard work that you guys do! You guys are an inspiration to us all! ❤️




@ibr0_ab inshallah ❤️


Masha Allah that is just beautiful, i see a wonderful future for us

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