This morning I used my Houdini skills to escape from the backyard and visit the neighbors. Here I am contemplating how to do it again... #sneakysneaky #houdini #houdinipuggle #fencesareforwimps #youcantcagemein #iddoitagain #imatrytodoitagain






Lol sneaky pup


You pups can be feisty!!!!


@christom thanks buddy! That’s what I keep telling her...


You're innocent, Roger. #gotyourback


@baddogbarney dat’s what I do! I’m so good at it! 🙃


Oh I hope you don’t scare your mom again, Roger.😊


@rjandtank_liveyourlife That is a very good name for me... I like to keep my mom on her toes!


@sputnik_and_laika yeah, I’m super naughty! I was so proud of myself for going to the neighbors house all by myself though!


Your poor Mom must have been terrified. You can’t scare her like that


I’ll just call you “The Puggle Flash” 🤣🤣🤣 You just be careful Roger...you’re too precious and little to be wondering the world on your own. ❤️🐶🌎


@macjjbeaglemix my mom didn’t even know until the neighbor rang the front doorbell and I was waiting at it...that’s how fast I am. Ran out and got captured before she even came back from the other room! But yeah, she put up some serious barricades now, harumpf! 😒


Wow nice work! You must of been so proud of yourself. But it was prob scary for your pawrents...keep that in mind next time 🙃😉🐶

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