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A starry summer night on top of Maui, Hawaii. Walking next to the black lava rocks at dark reveals all sort of facial silhouettes against the sky. The mountain was quiet but the morning was approaching when hundreds of visitors arrive to the summit for a spectacular sunrise. In the ocean of stars above me constellations Taurus, the Bull (top left), and Orion, the Hunter, were rising from the rim of Haleakala Crater. Most of the National Park and the volcano’s summit at 3055 m (~ 10,000 ft) are ideally dark for stargazing, to experience a pristine night sky, not visible to most of human population due to light pollution.
Note the bright stars Betelgeuse (orange) and Rigel (white-blue). Between them are the three stars of Orion Belt and the reddish glow of Orion Nebula.
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How did you focus on the stars


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Love the Night sky I am Grateful that I Will be Free to stay outside in it without intimidating people


I love the details you share along with your epic photos, thank you for continuing to capture and share our magnificent Earth and sky!


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@fairy_child111 any evening from Oct (east) to April (west).


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@babaktafreshi beautiful. I'm dying to catch a glimpse of Pleiades do you know where and when would be best?


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@babaktafreshi Is that the Pleiades top left??


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