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Photo by @franslanting (Frans Lanting) // #sponsored by @Nature_Valley // #NatureValleyHikeAMillion // Like many of you, getting outside and exploring is one of my favorite pastimes. I took this photograph of a family on a backpacking trip making their way through the Paria River Canyon, one of the most dramatic slot canyons in the Southwest. Usually the magic light that can transform an ordinary scene into something extraordinary occurs at dawn or dusk, but in slot canyons, it happens in the middle of the day. Here it reveals the amazing patterns of nature sculpted by water and time— a true wonderland for travelers of all ages, from all over the world. // Join @Nature_Valley in supporting the National Parks by hiking your local trails. Track your miles with the MapMyHike app for a chance to win prizes, like a National Park trip!




Such a dream!😍




چقدر شبیه دره شمخال تو شهر قوچانه اینجا 😍✊


@zanichellisvedugnar These are the kind of places I want to go!


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@jarednhill how did you find this?


Wow ,amayzine place


بعيداً عن الموضوع ده يا جماعه فى واحد صاحبى كان بيروح الجيم ديماً و من كام يوم عيل صغير حطله صاروخ فى بنطلونه و دمرله العضو الذكرى و الواد منهار عشان كان علي وش جواز ممكن تواسوه بكلمه لو سمحتوا @teeo_12


@frkaancftc seninle ölüme.. biliyorsun;))


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@little_eeeee I'll allow it. Lol


Let's go😂😂


@smoreno88 your foot was fine your just a princess, a Pico princess to be precise lol


@little_eeeee hahahaha no promises. In my defense I had a broken foot!! Lol


Bucket list


Just Beautiful♥️


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