Photo of the Day: That Friday feeling 🙌 | Shot on #GoPro #Hero5 Aqua Collection Red Filter | 📸: @lukebarrow7 + @blondefox_




Such a rad shot


Quieres comprar un Celular? Síguenos @capitalmovilco




I need to one of those👌🏼😍


@doccine The PolarPro Hero6 / Hero5 Red Filter uses a proprietary red color formula that delivers accurate color correction providing you with vibrant tropical colors :)




How do the colors affect the image? I've seen this used in B/W photography but not really color.


Ahhh gorgeous😍😍


Its friday friday 😂


@drinkgoldbegold Shot with a GoPro but maybe one day drones will be waterproof 😜


Wow what a shot👏🏼


Drone in the water. Genius! I’m gonna try it! 😹


Such a banger shot 🔥😍

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