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Photo by @renaeffendiphoto:
A #family on a Sunday picnic in Parque Lenin, Lenin's Park, a popular weekend destination at the south side of #Havana, #Cuba. #children

41,380 Havana, Cuba



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Is it a picnic? Where's the food?!

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سلام و درود
عالیه پستهاتون
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This is not a typical Cuban family, this is a typical Cuban Family on the Castro-Communist payroll. Paid to pose for pictures in #natgeo in order to pose a harmonious yet prosperous scene to the world. Just like the Nazis did in WWII when the international press(mainly American) wanted to see the concentration camps. The press were taken to a mock camp where the prisoners were treated fairly. All had good health, ate three or more meals a day, worked, and had a life expectancy.


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