This is a baby pig that we're fostering for a few weeks. She is absolutely the cutest and naughtiest creature. Here she is playing with a goldfish carton she got out of the trash can in the middle of the mess she keeps making from the clothes hamper. She is unstoppable.
Her name is Biscuit and she'll be at least twice this size by the time she's full grown.

#rescuepig #petpig #minipig #potbellypig #goldfish #trashdigger




They're quite conversational too! No need for a diary/journal they help solve your promlems, lol!


Until my daughter got rescue pigs, I had no idea they wagged their tails! πŸ–


@greatwhitenowhere I only do pigs and it kills me. LOL!


And people wonder why I say I won’t do pigs. πŸ˜… I have not the patience.

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