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Video by @PaulNicklen // Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve is an active volcanic region that acts as a critical habitat for salmon and thousands of bears. When essential umbrella species like brown bears, kodiaks and grizzlies have a safe place like this to rest and feed, the overall ecosystem becomes healthier. #FollowMe at @PaulNicklen to see an image of a young bear locking eyes with me through my camera lens.

114,630 Alaska





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Beautiful place 🐈😺🤗🍑🍑🔥


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Lovely nature


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@pamelabrown_ I cry every time I watch this 😭❤️


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@alexanderjfulton throughout the Kenai Peninsula!


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@valemannn fun fact, spawning salmon provides 25% of the nitrogen Alaskan forests need. Unfortunately, there’s been a huge decrease in the amount of salmon that returns to the river it was born in.


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Excelente video 👏👏👏


Absolutely love this place. Can't wait to get back. It's a magical place and must be visited to truly appreciate and understand it and it's importance.




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@natalieconti which park are you at?


Pure nature 🙏💪❤️



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