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Photograph by @Rolex ambassador @daviddoubilet #partneredcontent | Gentoo and chinstrap penguins explore an ice floe near Danco Island, a small island off the coast of Antarctica. This shot style, which simultaneously captures the space above and below the surface, is relatively common now but was pioneered by Doubilet. National Geographic and @Rolex have formed a partnership to promote exploration and conservation; to support explorers and nurture the next generation. Check out our story today. #perpetualplanet #Rolex




Soooo cute


This scenery is so beautiful! Adorable penguins jumping off a block of ice into the cold waters in Antarctica... simply captivating! I just wanna jump into the pic and into the river and swim away with the penguins... LOL XD


@gin_arevalo 😭😭😭😭 que mala onda!!!!!! Bueno podemos ir otra vez a tomar más fotos jajaja


@arrestador se... Perdieron las fotos 😔 en mi cel ...! Fue un día genial


@gin_arevalo Seeee hasta foto te sacaste con uno, fue un día genial.


@arrestador si.... Fue increíble verlos ... Son muy lindos 😍😍


Te acuerdas cuando vimos los pingüinos @gin_arevalo 🤓🤓

Belleza 🐧


Amazing 😀😀

Very nice 👏 great shot


It is excellent photo


@chingyin96 hello!!! 这么快不要认识我了 >___< ....


Let’s jump penguins


LOOOVE my Rolex and the penguins. AMAAAS mi Rolex y los pingüinos. 😎




Классные фотки 😃👍👍👍👍


Wow!! Its like a worship battalion.


@karlaleagan falta menos yuuuupi 👌😉


@sam.lopez.ruiz ve ésta! Está increíble!


Got that ice?


Me encanta


oh que tiernos


Tell me the feeling when looking at this

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