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The big and scary "no." I know a salesperson who's a HSP, like me, and she was telling me a fun story about a client who asked her if the investment she was offering had a guarantee x% return. She didn't know what to say. She fumbled for words, she left the meeting saying how could they ask a question like that if any serious investor knows the answer is no, she said they should know better and know they're taking a risk. But truth be told, she could've just said "no, there is no guarantee" and she just couldn't bring herself to say it. So instead of telling them "no" and moving on with her life she got upset at them and she felt badgered. AND I CAN ABSOLUTELY RELATE. There were times I wish people just knew my limits,THE limits of the matter and I didn't have to be the mean one to impose them. That was the story I told myself. If I told someone "no" I didn't want to sound mean or unwilling to accommodate them. But the truth is, in business especially, people feel they can trust you more if you have the ability to say no (proven). While she fumbled, these clients asked to speak to her boss who very calmly said: "no there's no guarantee, just like any other investment, you're taking a risk." and the clients felt more at ease after someone told them the plain truth with no runaround. To avoid situations like these, I switched my mindset on saying no to people. It's a lot about cultivating trust in my business with the amazing sensitive and baddass souls I work with and they deserve transparency and honesty. So if it's a no, it's a no and we can have an honest conversation about how, why and what else we can do to make things work together.






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