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I’ve always been a freediver. I’ve rarely dabbled in scuba because I’m hooked on the sensation of using solely my own breath and body to have an intimately personal experience with the ocean.
But I also have a sister. Just one year my elder, she’s been my best friend and partner in life since the day I was born. We grew up together in the sea and so many of our greatest memories were made there. One of the moments that brought us the most laughter was when she was just a kid, snorkeling in the ocean and a manta ray came up to her. It was huge and she was thrilled- but then it got too close to comfort and she immediately got freaked out and splashed her way out of the ocean and as she did, the manta also got scared and took off. That encounter was one of her favorite visions but she also cringed with regret for ending it too soon. Being a younger brat-sister, I always did my best to tease her and rub it in and telling her she got scared of- and scared away, the most beautiful underwater butterfly.
Anyway as the years progressed, she started having issues with equalizing her ears that got so bad that she had to leave any form of freediving depths behind. Being the consistently supportive and selfless person she is, she instead found her new joy in seeing how far I could take such abilities and her underwater wanders lived on vicariously and happily through my own adventures. She also became a business owner, compassionate healer and a great mom. She was always a born giver.
When @paditv asked to work with me, the only wish I had was to finally give back to my undercover-superhero of a sister. -and last night, after we both got reactivated in scuba (which proved to be forgiving on her ears), we went to the best late night show in the world! @christykkw was a manta magnet!!! And each time they hovered over her, I watched to see if she’d get flustered or panicked but instead I held back tears as Christy slowly tilted her head back and blissfully soak in each and every overdue moment with utter gratitude. For the sake of someone who has always put others first, I can’t thank @paditv enough for making this experience all about her. ❤️
Photo by @perrinjames1




Hi Kimi . I just got to see the video you guys made with PADI at our shop. It’s spectacular. You will inspire lots of divers, former divers, and future divers with your words and beauty. Your sister too, and @perrinjames1. Thanks.


I adore your passion.


This is so rad!! Love your photography and your love for the world🙏


Hi 😀 You have cool Instagram. Check my profile too🗺


Awesome x


@kimi_swimmy I also have a problem equalizing my ears. I think it’s connected to my allergies so I’ve been taking allergy shots for over a year now. I hope I can get past this issue. I’ve tried a few techniques but nothing seems to work except facing upright to equalize then heading back down which as you can imagine takes a lot of energy. I much rather go with tanks too but I do have an expired Padi certification in case I need to re-certify one day.


Wow Kimi, looks like a lot of people down with you with that Photograph, Awesome


I love the little black spots on the underbelly of this guy 😍




@itstanyas_ thank you so much! Your words mean the world to me!!! ❤️


This is so amazing 😉


I have looked up to you for years 💚 i admire your love for the earth and waters, I admire your educational purposes on your page. My friend spoke about a bad ass Kimi he heard of on television, I replied "Kimi Werner" he smiled, yes!! She is so bad ass. We are Algonquins of Canada that is our tribe, as we dicussed you we caught fish, gave our thanks to our creator and waters. You bring people together :)


Wauw What a story 😢 beautiful


Tears rollin down my cheeks😘


Beautifully written and heart warming story @kimi_swimmy


One of the best experiences on the planet! Right on for both of you.


wow beautiful story!! 💛


Truly beautiful story!


You're so inspiring ❤


Gave me tears!!


I’m stealing @christykkw emotions for this post 😭 you two are so lucky to have each other!


Very touching story 😍😍




Great ongoing story, always an example Kimi!!


Beautiful moments


Both you girls are amazing.


The sweetest Sisterly love. So beautiful 💗💗Love you both 🌺✨🌺✨




Beautiful sister soul love 💕 🌊


Amazing! 😭😭


Maybe its her spirit Moana's grandma!




Beautiful story!!


@kimi_swimmy how long can you hold your breath under water?


That’s a great story! Did you do the manta night dive in kona? I did it a few years ago and it was amazing! @kimi_swimmy


This is insane it makes me so happy Kimmy thanks for the amazing share. You have such an incredible heart and a true gift for words. So blessed to know you.


This is insane it makes me so happy Kimmy thanks for the amazing share. You have such an incredible heart and a true gift for words. So blessed to know you.


I just teared up a little. You are such a beautiful storyteller! Love this ♥️

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