Clayton Steward

Even though my last run as a Missouri FBLA member didn’t go quite how I wanted it to, can’t say I didn’t have fun living out on the east coast for a few days. Thanks for everything #MOFBLA. Kansas PBL here I come 🤙🏼

107 Baltimore, Maryland



We absolutely killed the Yeezy Butter release! Lmk if you need help with the upcoming Yeezy 500s! 😄


It was so great getting to see you again!! Hopefully I can get a raincheck on our swing dance 😉


Thank you! See you in San Antonio at #NLC19 😝


Thank you Joyce ❤️


You should be very proud of your journey! Congrats on making it to #NLC18 can’t wait to see what you do with Kansas PBL😄🤗


So proud of you 💙

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